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Part 30: Inspectre gadget

Inspectre gadget

The Drink
Bullet Holes
2 oz tequila
1 oz blue curacao
3 oz lime juice

Mix ingredients in a shaker and shake well to combine. Pour in a rocks glass with ice. Note: this is basically a margarita with the BC filling in for triple sec, so tweak it according to your taste.

The Drinking Game
Drink every time an asari says something snarky

The Episode
When ME2 first came out, a lot of people complained how lame Liara was. I don't know if LotSB was always planned, but they sure addressed those complaints. Our relatively shy, nerdy girlfriend apparently invested heavily in self-improvement classes, because she got all badass while we were dead and helped herself to a sense of humor as well. Prior to the release of Citadel DLC for ME3 this was probably some of the best DLC Bioware has done. It's fun, to start with. It also clocks in at about 90 minutes so you felt like you got your $15 worth. And it somewhat addresses the problem of Liara if you romanced her in 1.

Cerberus is an incompetent organization who can't seem to get anything right, but even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Their twice was bringing Shep back from the dead, and apparently tracking down the most secretive individual in the galaxy, the Shadow Broker. We're casually handed this info in an email from TIM, so now that we've fucked around for a bit it's time to hand it over to Liara. Since it was DLC she doesn't get pissed you sat around on it while she bitched about how much time and energy she was devoting to find him. Some Drell named Feron helped her steal our corpse from SB, who was going to turn it over to the Collectors. I guess we're so badass they'll take our remains. In the process he got himself caught while Liara absconded with her favorite stiff. Now it's up to us to get him back.

We go to meet Liara at her apartment but somebody beat us to it and shot the place up. Another Spectre, Tela Vasir, is already on scene and helps us search for clues since Liara can't be found. We get a location and head on over, but SB's men blow the place up just as we're arriving. Turns out information brokering is very lucrative and he can afford his own army. I kinda wonder what the pay is and what he tells them, because they know who they work for. He must offer one hell of a benefits and retirement package for nobody to ever rat him out. After shooting our way through we find Sekat already dead. In a surprise twist that probably wasn't surprising if you paid any attention to her facial expressions, Vasir is actually the bad guy here and she runs off with the disk. We murder a few more of his goons and then Vasir escapes by car.

The car chase is fun. I drove bad on purpose so you could hear the line about the Mako - you miss it if you never crash into anything. Then Vasir crash lands on the swankiest brothel ever and we do more shooting. There are jokes, projectile furniture, and a decently fun boss fight. Vasir makes a pretty good point about how the Council mostly lets the Spectres go hog wild and mildly chastise them afterwards while I'm grumpy I can't say fuck Cerberus. We get the location of the Shadow Broker's base, which is actually a big fuckoff ship, then have awkward conversation about why we're not getting laid.

Since Garrus won the coin toss and I liked the suggestion to take the other, Tali will join us for the next part. She's not super useful (Jack or Samara are way better with pull) but since we're playing on normal it doesn't matter. I'll most likely split up the next part into 2 videos, since we'll have the epilogue to see as well.