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Part 31: Riding the whip on a sick ass ship

Riding the whip on a sick ass ship

The Drink
Patrolling the hull
2 oz Bailey's
1 oz amaretto
1 oz Frangelico

Add ingredients to a shaker full of ice. Shake well and strain into a small rocks glass.

The Drinking Game
Drink anytime anybody says something snarky. Lots of jokes in this DLC. You might need to do what I did and double up the recipe.

The Episode
We head to a planet called Hagalaz, where supposedly the days are months long causing terrible shifts in temperature. Somebody doesn't understand planetary physics, since that also means that dawn and dusk also last months and therefore nothing is going to snap freeze nor would there be hot and cold air colliding. It would be a gradual change. The Shadow Broker is storm surfing in a pretty badass ship. We're uninvited, so we have to land on the outside of the ship in a fucking lightning storm and find a hatch. Great plan there, Liara.

The skybox is awesome and watching dudes fly off the side of the ship and get struck by lightning never gets old. After killing about a bazillion guards Liara hacks a door and we engage in witty banter while it works. This is a really good series of exchanges, and both Meer and Hale seem to really have fun with the dialogue. Once inside we have to kill about a bazillion more guards. I'm tellin' ya, the Shadow Broker must offer an amazing benefits package.

We find Feron alive, hooked up to a malfunctioning LaZBoy recliner. Just for funsies I ask him questions to get him electrocuted some more. Then we kill the last 5 or so people left on the ship and get ready to face the big man himself.