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Part 32: More like Dead Pirate Roberts

More like Dead Pirate Roberts

The Drink
Shadow Broke-Her
2 oz gin
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1/2 oz blue curacao

Combine ingredients in a shaker, shake well to combine and strain into a martini glass. Yes, it's just a blue martini so if gin ain't your thing use vodka. I guess you could stir it too if you're some kind of goddamn savage. Also I forgot to put instructions on the title card oops. As an aside I'm using a new computer and the previous text isn't an available option so I sci-fi'd it up.

No drinking game this time. If you down a 3 oz martini in less than 30 minutes you won't need a game, trust me.

The Episode
We come face to face with the big man (literally) himself. He's a new species, a Yahg. We never see one again, except a bit of a cameo in 3 which also includes really funny dialogue if you bring certain people along. Shepard being Shepard she solves the conflict through shooting and punching. Then Liara dumps some shit from the ceiling on him and boom, no more Broker. And then she puts her spergy tendencies to good use and assumes the mantle, just like her predecessor. If you go back to the Broker's ship to talk to her she doesn't have much to say, just like on Illium. Though occasionally the game hilariously bugs out and she'll stand at her console in a t-pose while you fuck about. Now we have a new hub to visit with voyeuristic .gifs and later we'll read creepy dossiers on everyone, yay!

Back on the ship we finally get a little action after 2 years but thankfully Bioware decided to skip actually animating it. The little speech Liara gives about you running off to the Omega 4 relay actually changes if you do it post-game, which is a nice touch. Then it's about how you'll run off when the Reapers show up. Also the mean option is very mean, and Liara leaves crying while Shep sits on her bed and stares at the wall. I guess take this option if you're going for a maximum asshole run - it's available to you even if you don't romance her.

And now that we've had a shag it's time to get back to saving the galaxy by shitting about on personal sidequests.