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Part 33: Take work to your daughter day

Take work to your daughter day

The Drink
Ardat Yaksheeeiiit
3 oz sake
1 oz Chambord
Note: Since we're drinking sake you may do this drink hot or chilled depending on how you like your sake.

The Drinking Game
Drink every time someone says Morinth

The Episode
I'm joined by Actus Rhesus as we tackle Samara's loyalty mission (bonus points to Kurieg). When you first get there EDI tells you the daily death count on Omega is too high to pinpoint Morinth's location so we go talk to Aria who gives us a lead. Then we head over to the slums and invade a grieving woman's privacy. I think the first time I did this mission I missed the note on Forta behind the bed, but unless you're a complete idiot or are trying to fail the mission on purpose even just listening to the diary should give you enough info to get Morinth to invite you back to her place.

There are plenty of opportunities in the bar. There's also the dude who wants tickets for more info. Honestly I don't know if there's a pass/fail check here; after 3 "successful" resolutions you'll get the cutscene but I've never fucked anything up on purpose to see if you can do all of them. It is possible to give bad answers to Morinth's questions - "I like JUSTICARS and FAMILY and drugs are bad mmmkay" and she'll leave and then Samara will be pissed and disloyal. As long as you make it back to her apartment you're golden.

Back at the apartment we click on a bunch of useless shit to pad the mission out and then have a nice chat. If you have enough renegade points that response is fun, basically "don't try your shit on me." Then mom shows up and the party is over. You have the choice of recruiting Morinth if you are an insane asshole - she will impersonate Samara so none of your crewmates are any the wiser and she will perform just fine during the suicide mission so it's a viable option play-wise. In one of the funnier examples of terrible choices Morinth will also want to sleep with you and you can agree..which gets you an instant game over Also if you recruit Morinth instead she has a bit of a cameo in 3 (if you can call it that).

After helping her perform an inverse Ron Paul Samara is sad but relieved and ready to get on with kicking Collector asses.