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Part 34: Cerberus Camp for Wayward Children

Cerberus Camp for Wayward Children

The Drink
2 oz light rum
Pineapple juice
Bacardi 151

Add light rum and pineapple juice to a chilled glass full of ice. Add grenadine, don't stir. Float 151 on top and light. This is similar to our opening drink, so don't burn your goddamn face off when you go to drink it.

The Drinking Game
Drink whenever Jack talks about her shitty past.

The Episode
Jack's loyalty mission. We travel to a jungle planet to blow up an already abandoned facility. Seems a waste of gas and a good bomb but we'd like Jack to get dressed eventually. For funsies I take along Miranda, though it doesn't have any bearing on the post-mission. Cerberus is at their most mustache-twirling pointless evil, doing fucked up things to kidnapped kids. God forbid they try encouragement and focused training, nope we'll just do terrible things and see if that works!

Turns out the facility isn't totally abandoned, one of Jack's fellow campers also got out and is trying to restart it because in his mind it has to have been for a good reason. Sorry dude, it wasn't. Having Jack kill him is another real asshole renegade move that doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than being a fucker. I don't think it would help her state of mind either. If you let him live then you'll see him mentioned again in ME3, albeit in an email. Then the mission bugged out and we missed Jack talking about things in her room. Nothing super interesting anyway. Also TIM doesn't give a shit about tortured children, he's mostly concerned the cleanup crew didn't delete all the evidence. Priorities!

We had enough P/R points for both options. If you fail this check then you have to side with one of them, making the other disloyal. That can be remedied later in the game if you have upped your P/R score by talking with the angry person and letting them know either they're the smarter/more important one or that the other party member is an asshole and you're just jerking them around.