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Part 35: Harkin back to days of yore

Harkin back to days of yore

The Drink
Sidonis Special
2 oz gin
1/2 oz Kirsch
1/2 oz Creme de Violette
1 oz lemon juice

Add all to shaker with ice, shake and strain into a martini glass.

The drinking game
Drink every time Garrus says something edgy.

The Episode
Garrus's loyalty mission. We go to the Citadel to track down Fade. Bailey points us in the right direction and we find a volus who isn't Fade but happily gives him up. Turns out Fade is our old pal Harkin, the drunk C-Sec officer from ME1. This sort of explains how he's good at evading arrest, but then again not really. Send some plainclothes guy down there, don't advertise it over the radio or add a goddamn data entry and he should have been easy to catch. Then we go to a warehouse overrun with Blue Suns and killer robits. C-Sec really fell down on the job here. After exploding everything we let Garrus kick the shit out of Harkin for a bit. He sets up a meeting and then we stand by and also let Garrus shoot him because Harkin was a skeezy asshole.

Prior to meeting with Sidonis we berate Garrus hypocritically about killing a single guy who probably deserves it, then completely fuck up his plan. However Garrus is our bro and doesn't mind. This is a weird loyalty mission because as long as you do it, he's loyal. There's no way to fuck it up. Also, you'd think sparing or killing him would come up in 3 but it doesn't. It's never mentioned again. All in all this mission is kind of dumb, which is kind of a shame.

A note on the music, I don't generally use the same track for the intro and mission but I wanted to give her a bit of a plug. She's a kickass lady, find her band on Spotify for a listen if you like punk-ish tunes. You can buy it (if you still do such things) from Amazon or iTunes.