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Part 36: Ina Godda da Vido

Ina Godda da Vido

The Drink
4 oz Prosecco
2 oz St Germain
1/2 oz pomegranate juice

Add all ingredients to a flute glass (or if you're a barbarian like me and don't have an actual flute a white wine glass).

The Drinking Game
In honor of Jessie drink every time Zaeed shoots someone or something. Gameplay as well as cutscenes.

The Episode
As you'll probably be able to tell from my commentary I've been sick, so apologies for still sounding a bit like Droopy Dog. For today's adventure we go off to some shitty jungle planet ostensibly to take back a refinery. When we get there it's on fire because of course it is. Turns out Zaeed sort of lied to us and he doesn't give two shits about the refinery but is there to kill his ex-partner, Vido Santiago, with whom he founded the Blue Suns a couple decades ago. On one hand this is sort of surprising and on the other hand I don't know why we (or anyone else for that matter) would really give a fuck. I mean Samara's deep dark secret is her daughter is a mutant freak serial killer and Zaeed's is just...I started a business?

Zaeed starts the show off with a bang which makes even more things catch on fire. The paragon responses are pretty stupid in that we would have ragged on him for doing probably the same damn thing if given the opportunity. Then we get into an argument about what the purpose of the mission is. Again (other than the possibility of workers burning to death) we berate him about the mission which wasn't ours to begin with. It's his mission, we were helping and aside from the barbecue if he wanted to go pissing off I don't know why we'd care. Since we waited and scored enough Paragon points we save the workers. You can decide to screw the workers over and then you get to hear explosions and screams for the rest of it. You also get a more direct route to the end room, but the fight plays out exactly the same.

Then Vido gets away, Zaeed gets mad, gets exploded, and using the power of friendship we still make him see things our way. You can also leave him to die but only an idiot would do that. If you do decide to not save the workers you're treated with a fairly badass scene of Vido getting lit the fuck up. I was hoping you'd get some resolution in 3 but you don't. Sorry Zaeed

I'm going to do a video taking care of a couple of sidequests but then we're into Act III and the endgame. There are also 2 DLC's to wrap up, but neither one is really long and I'll do them postgame since once we do the next story mission a hidden timer starts and we'll have to wrap things up quick or bad stuff happens. Andromeda launches next week so I expect I'll be playing the shit out of that when I'm not working on the LP.