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Part 37: Random shit

Random shit

The Drink
A flight of beers. I went with 4, an APA, an IPA, a golden ale and an American pissbeer (PBR). Then I went back and finished all of them *hic*

The Drinking Game
None, try and pace yourself through the episode (if you go 6 that's one every 5 minutes and you should be feeling it by the end).

The Episode
Just taking care of a couple things before we start end game. You get the Normandy thing pretty much immediately. It's like a lot of Bioware things, interesting the first time and then after you've done it a half dozen you kinda want to just skip it. It's completely quiet except for Shep's breathing and footsteps. A few of the tags are hidden under crates so you have to shoot a bit if you want to find them all. I cut it into a montage because otherwise it's 15 minutes of wandering around.

Otherwise it's one horrifically-cheesed sidequest and chatting with everyone.