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Part 39: Quarian kangaroo court

Quarian kangaroo court

The Drink
Trial By Fireball
2 oz Kahlua
1 oz vodka
1 oz Fireball

Add all ingredients to a shaker full of ice. Shake well to combine and strain into a rocks glass. Alternatively you can serve this on the rocks.

The Drinking Game
Well since everyone is apparently afraid of dying just finish it before the video is over ya big babies.

The Episode
We head down and wake up the geth we pulled off of the derelict Reaper. Turns out the geth have sort of an internal conflict going on. All the geth we've been killing ran away from home to join the Saren/Reaper circus. The "true" geth just want to mind their own business. And we get a geth squadmate! Legion is a cool robot bro and anyone who sells him to Cerberus is an idiot. We'll chat with him a bit more later. Originally you were supposed to run into him on the mission where you go to the Normandy wreck but due to size limitations of using regular discs instead of Blu-Ray they ended up sticking him on the derelict Reaper. If you console edit him in he has dialogue for all the missions, and you can do hilarious shit like take him to the Citadel to meet the Council. Who don't believe him about the Reapers either. You can also take him on Tali's recruitment mission which is also funny. He's sort of a prototype, most geth just have one program running on the platform but Legion has over a thousand which allows him to be able to function when away from other geth. He gets a sick ass sniper rifle.

Then we head off to do Tali's loyalty mission. And we waited so we can bring Legion along which goes over about as well as you'd expect. It's nice that you can do this and people react to it, but I would have liked it if there was more interaction. Like, here's an opportunity for them to actually talk to a geth and maybe try to work shit out but no. Tali's on trial for treason and we get roped into being her lawyer. Also turns out her dad is maybe dead, whoops. Tali sent geth parts back per her dad's instructions and it seems he might have used them to reconstruct geth for weapons testing which is all kinds of shitty. The only way Tali can clear her name is for us to take back the ship where he was working which is OH NO DANGEROUS but hey, it's Shepard so will probably be about as difficult as running down to the local convenience store for beer. We'll get to the actual ship-taking next episode since this one is already long and very chatty.

I'm attaching the image (if it actually works) since I can't log into my hosting for some goddamn reason and nobody in support has gotten back to me. If this shit doesn't get fixed soon I will have to stab a bitch or something.

e: looks like it doesn't, fuck