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Part 40: (God)winning the war with the Geth

HOLY FUCK IT'S AN UPDATE Sorry for the delay.

(God)winning the war with the Geth

The Drink
Quarian Thought Process
Steel Reserve, in the economy size.

The Drinking Game
Drink every time we see evidence of the Quarians being morons. If you happen to have any left over at the end, pour it out for Rael. Or for yourself.

The Episode
We go to take back the ship that was mysteriously seized by Geth. Tali doesn't know how this happened, since she only sent back non-functioning bits to her dad. There are geth on the ship, but not so many as to make an assault by the Quarians impossible. Of course with the exception of Kal Reegar they seem to be very bad at fighting. And scientific experiments. And breathing on their own.

Turns out Tali's dad was networking them to sapience so he could test weapons on them. And taking down firewalls so the project would go faster This is about as shitty as what Cerberus did on Pragia. So much so that if it ever comes to light Rael Zora will become a non-person except for in textbooks of Shit You Just Don't Do. We Paragon our way through it, though you can totally narc off her dad which makes Tali innocent but very pissed off at you and not loyal. Renegade of course involves even more shouting.

This is one of those missions IMO that falls apart if you look at it at all. The Quarian Fleet is 50,000 ships containing 12 million or so Quarians. And yet they couldn't muster a force big enough to wipe out a couple dozen Geth. So logically they accuse someone who wasn't there of treason. I guess it is a cautionary tale of the ends not justifying the means. Also it's too bad you can't have Legion talk with the ones on the ship, apologize profusely and offer to take them home. He actually doesn't say anything about the festivities going on, which is a missed opportunity (though we will kind of hear about it later).