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Part 41: Going viral

Going viral

The Drink
Geth My Name
1.5 oz gin
1 oz St. Germain
6 oz grapefruit juice

Two ways to do this drink. Either mix in a shaker with ice and strain into a glass, or serve it on the rocks. It's a lovely hot weather drink.

The Drinking Game
Drink whenever we have a debate about rewrite vs blowing up.

The Episode
Legion's loyalty mission. Since we had to wait so long to pick Legion up you get it almost immediately. We find out why he was on the dead Reaper - to get a data core with Reaper code so they can prevent the heretic Geth from infecting everyone with a virus that would make them worship the Reapers. Considering how much trouble just a small number of Geth caused in ME1, having the entire population hostile would be very bad. Also brainwashing is bad except when we do it.

The heretics are holed up in a space station so we head there to destroy the virus. Except once we get there Legion tells us we can haX0r it to rewrite the heretics into pulling their heads out of their asses. After shooting many robits and debating the merits of free will we decide to ignore free will and rewrite them. This comes up again in ME3, though it doesn't have a huge impact other than war assets. It can cause problems with the final resolution of the Quarian/Geth situation if you don't do other things, making peace impossible between the two and resulting in one of the more ends to a storyline depending on who you side with.

This officially marks the end of the mid-game and we're on the downhill to the finish line. We'll talk to everyone once before triggering The Event which gets us to the suicide mission. Expect the pace of episodes to pick up, as I'll be going to Europe for 3 weeks in August and want to have this wrapped up by then. Hold on to your liver(s)!