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Part 42: Suicide hotline, please hold

Suicide hotline, please hold

The Drink
Suicide Mission
Whiskey (as much as you can stand)

In a pint glass, add whiskey over ice. Top off with 7up

The Drinking Game
A two-parter. First, drink everytime Joker says shit. Then, drink every time people get thrown around because of poor driving. It's called Suicide Mission for a reason, kids! Mine here has about 4 fingers of bourbon in it.

The Episode
Welp, we're finally here. After mediating a standoff between Legion and Tali we go pres butan and cause all sorts of shit to happen. Remember how we did every mission we could before doing the IFF? Well, this is why. Once you have done the IFF, you only get 2 more missions and then EDI announces you should take the stupid shuttle while they bugfix the tech we picked up. We take the shuttle and all hell breaks loose. Collectors board, the crew gets kidnapped, and EDI gets unhooked and is now free to destroy the galaxy if she chooses. In spite of being created by Cerberus, she functions well and is not homicidal. If you haven't done all your missions, you still can but bad things will happen later. How bad depends on how much fucking around you do.

Since we have played this game before, we head right through the relay. Our arrival does not go unnoticed and we get shot up some. If you didn't upgrade the shields, oops, Jack dies whether she's loyal or not. Didn't upgrade the shields? Kasumi dies (if you have her - if you don't then it goes Legion, Tali, Thane, Garrus, Zaeed, Grunt). While all this shit is going on we have to go down to the basement and deal with a large pest. I equipped the wrong heavy weapon which made this go on quite a bit longer than it should have. After the oculus is taken care of they send the giant turd ship after us. Should you decide not to upgrade the Normandy's weapons then you lose in this order: Thane, Garrus, Zaeed, Grunt, Jack, Samara/Morinth. Finally we crash land on the Collector base itself and ready ourselves to begin the final assault. I didn't mention it in the video, but the soundtrack here is fantastic. Probably the best music in the series.

Who you assign to a job matters. A lot of people thought Thane and Zaeed would be good choices for the first 2 jobs, and ended up severely disappointed. Thane doesn't know fuckall about tech, and while Zaeed is an extreme badass, he's not a leader. The suicide mission is basically one big puzzle of figuring out who to assign to what duties. If anyone is disloyal, it will all go badly. It is possible to end up with no squadmates alive which results in Shepard dying permanently and for good this time and you can't import this particular save into 3 for obvious reasons. Deaths here carry over to 3, so if you shit it all up and forgot to do Garrus's loyalty mission there's a very good chance he won't be around in 3. Anyone killed in 2 is replaced by a generic character in 3 if they are plot important.

We make our picks for the first part and get ready to enter the Collector base. We should be able to wrap up the game in 2 more episodes, then there is just DLC left. I may do the DLC's in longer episodes just to get them out the door faster.