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Part 43: How babby is formed

How babby is formed

The Drink(s)
Drunk Off Our Butts
1 oz gin + tonic
1 oz rum + coke
1 bottle/can beer - any type
3 oz Kahlua
1.5 oz Bailey's

For the last drink, 1 oz Kahlua in a shot glass, float 1/2 oz of Bailey's on top. Makes 3.

The Drinking Game
Consume 1 drink during each section (vents, bubble, platforms, Reaper).
Vents - beginning to 7:14
Bubble - to 18:20
Platforms - to 31:00
Reaper - to 36:35

You'll have a couple minutes of cutscene/credits afterwards if you need to vomit or piss yourself or something.

The Episode
This is it, kids. After a year and some change we finally finish the game.

Starting off Kasumi has to run through some pipes while we open doors and shoot stuff. Even on insanity this is pretty easy and the only thing that will fuck things up is making a bad choice in who to send into the vents. After that we find a hapless colonist and our crew which turns out badly for the colonist but ok for the rest since we didn't go screwing around after the IFF. I misspoke during the video; if you go immediately after the abduction everyone survives. If you do 1-2 missions half the crew dies, and 3 or more everyone but Chakwas gets turned into a reaper slurpee. We send Mordin with the crew for reasons already mentioned.

Then we hang out in a biotic bubble and shoot things while Jack walks very slowly. It's supposed to be claustrophobic and tense, but mainly you just want to get it over with after the first time. If you don't use Jack or Samara then the bubble doesn't hold and a random person gets carried away by seeker swarms, regardless of loyalty. Hilariously though Miranda has plot armor up until the last section, so if she gets dragged away she'll show up later and nobody mentions it. If you want to kill her you have to take her to the last mission disloyal.

After that it's time to Hold. The. Line. Now how this works is each person has a point score. You're going to want to leave Garrus, Grunt, and Zaeed on the line. IIRC they're worth 2 points each, with a point deducted if they're not loyal. Everyone else is worth one, with the same penalty. Then there's some math involved, you basically need as many points as there are people. A disloyal Zaeed can hold the line if he's by himself. If you don't have enough points then people start dying, beginning with Mordin (who may die anyway so always safest to send him with the crew). There's a specific order to people dying which I can't be arsed to transcribe, it's the less combat-oriented folks first.

While that's going on we head deep into the bowels of the ship and discover what all the abduction and slurpifying was for. Seems they're building a new reaper out of human puree and it looks like a terminator for some reason. This got a lot of WTF reactions from people at launch. It's incredibly stupid if you stop to think about it, but the section is just so over-the-top and silly it wraps back around into awesome. We kill it, then tell TIM to fuck off. If you decide to give him the station instead it makes a tiny difference in 3 but that's it. I don't give it to him on general principle since Cerberus sucks Then we have to kill the babby reaper again because I guess Shep didn't notice it hanging off the edge of the platform. Our friend the Cain makes another appearance and then the base blows up. We get to officially tell TIM to fuck off again and then we see that there are a crapload of reapers hanging out in dark space and they'll be here any minute by the looks of it.

Roll credits.

Now we still have 2 DLC's to get through, but neither is super long. I'm leaving for Europe in a couple weeks so we'll be all wrapped up before I go. I expect we'll start 3 around the end of September.