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Part 44: Another quality Cerberus project

Another quality Cerberus project

The Drink/The Drinking Game
Ain't one. But if you've been playing along you probably have a fairly well-stocked liquor cabinet so you can make yourself a nice cocktail if you'd like.

The Episode
This is the DLC Overlord. Like everything else you get an email about it. A Cerberus facility has gone offline and we go to see what's gone wrong. As with pretty much every Cerberus facility, that answer is "a lot." Geth are running amok and a VI program has gone bugshit. Except it's not really a VI, it's some weird hybrid because they thought plugging the head scientist's brother into the machine would be a fantastic idea. We're tasked with shutting down 2 remote bases that are helping run the mess. The first time you do this DLC it's pretty damn spooky with the ambient music, the VI screaming at you, the floaty green eyeballs, and the cameras following you everywhere. I shot every one of them thinking it would do something (it doesn't).

We're introduced to the Hammerhead, this game's version of the Mako. There were some missions using it, but they are really quite stupid and boring and so we didn't bother doing them. The Hammerhead is way more agile than the Mako, has a tracking cannon, jump thrusters and boosters. It's also armored with wet toilet paper. A single mook with a pistol can blow it up, more or less. It's less tedious to pilot, but has a tendency to get caught on tiny deviations in the geometry and go cartwheeling across the landscape. We also have to use it to do platforming.

We clear out Vulcan station, which is full of VI controlled mechs, the same ones we've been fighting all game. It's not really much to shout about, you have to blow up a few things to open the way forward. It mostly feels like padding, but it's a DLC and I'd probably be annoyed if it were only 30 minutes long. I'd originally planned to do this in 1 video, but I figured an hour was a bit too much for a run time. The next station, Prometheus, is a bit more fun.