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Part 46: That's for Mindoir, bitches

That's for Mindoir, bitches

Well, this is it, the end of the LP and the last DLC, Arrival.

Arrival was meant to be a bridge between 2 and 3, it was released March 29th, 2011 - just about a year before ME3 came out. Since it's DLC if you don't import a save with the flag then all of this shit is done by anonymous Alliance marines and instead of being in trouble for fucking the Batarians without lube, she's in trouble for working with Cerberus. There's also a callback to it from a character we met in 1.

A scientist named Dr. Kenson was looking for Reaper shit in Batarian space and then got herself caught, so Hackett sends us to rescue her. You don't get to take your squad, so if you're playing on higher difficulties it's recommended to wait until you're leveled up though you can do it any time after Horizon. We land on the planet Aratoht and sort-of sneak in. IIRC there's a trophy for not alerting anyone until you get to Kenson. Then we bust her out in style. I somehow got myself stuck in midair and couldn't move or charge out of it, so I died. Kenson tells us they found a Reaper artifact and have confirmed that the Reapers will come pouring through the relay in about 2 days, which means everyone and everything is fucked.

Well, turns out Kenson is a goddamn moron and just left the artifact sitting out in the open in a base full of people, so they're all indoctrinated. You have to fight waves of enemies escalating in difficulty. The first time I played this it bugged out and the last guys wouldn't drop down from their spawn point so the section wouldn't end. If you go down during the fight then it just cuts to Kenson's glowy eyes and everything proceeds the same from there. We get the engines started and set a course for Fuck The Batarians. To our credit we try to warn them but then Kenson's boobs make an unexpected appearance and ruin everything. This DLC is a shitload of combat interspersed with little actions. I cut out about 30 minutes of running down samey-looking corridors shooting people. It kind of sucks. There's nothing new or exciting about it, just killing mooks. After foiling Kenson's diabolical plan we shoot her for good measure and knock ourselves out for a little bit longer. When we wake up it's less than 30 minutes to impact.

After murdering the remaining assholes on board Harby comes to visit via hologram and tries to taunt us. Then the Normandy shows up and we have lots of explaining to do for Hackett. It's kind of shitty that he sent us out there and then expects us to take the blame. It's one thing to lie to the Batarians, but to throw us under the bus? If the Batarians came 'round making accusations it would be pretty simple to tell them to stuff it (or at least prove it since everyone in the system is now blown into cosmic dust). Make up some bullshit and send us on our way. But we're the honorable sort so we volunteer to turn ourselves in when we're done screwing around.

Well, that's the LP kids. Sorry this one took so long, it's about half the length of DAI but took 5 months more. Now that I have a new laptop updates won't be quite so goddamn painful. I'm off to vacay tomorrow, will be gone for 3 weeks, but can still shitpost from another country so feel free to keep discussion going.