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Part 2: Mars needs women

Mars needs women

Off to Mars. Turns out Cerberus is here for some reason as well, and they're killing pretty much everyone. I'd say this is out of character, but then we remember the first game and nope, it's more back to business as usual. Kaiden is being a whiny bitch and we yell at him, then run into our girlfriend executing some grunts like nobody's business. I guess we rubbed off on her ( ). Apparently there's some weapon that the Protheans designed and TIM wants the plans, for reasons. We'll have to hustle our buns to try and make it before they do. Also the weird looking scientist is a sleeper Cerberus agent to nobody's surprise.

This episode is kinda short, but after recording the full thing it was nearly an hour and this was a sensible stopping point, so we'll finish up next time.