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Part 3: Where da :filez:

Where da at

Finishing up Mars. We fight a bunch of dudes, find out Cerberus has gone back to their ME1 days by zombifying their own people, and take a bumpy train ride. Then we get a visit from our former patron. He's looking kind of these days. I guess he took the loss of his ship, employees, and AI a bit rough. He also reveals his next brilliant plan: controlling the Reapers. Yes, I'm sure that trying to control the giant machines who can brainwash entire species is a brilliant plan. You'll get that side dialogue option a few times throughout the game, and if you don't take it, you miss out on the "best" option with him at the end of the game.

Then we engage in an extremely stupid "chase" against the evil doctor. Except you can't really do anything to her and she always stays ahead of you. However vanguard charging your way through it is not only funny but also speeds the thing up considerably so we have that going for us. James can't drive, the lady is a robit, and Kaiden gets his face smashed in. We get back on the Normandy and Hackett gives us the worst order ever. Then off to the Citadel so Kaiden can get his brain damage fixed (we hope). Bailey is now sort of important but doesn't seem to happy in his new job, though it's nice to see him.