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Part 5: The Love Boat

The Love Boat

Taking a look at the new and improved (supposedly) Normandy and talking with shipmates. I'm not really sure why they added the war room, it's kind of stupid that you have to hike back there (and sit through an invisible loading screen) when we already had the conference room for the QEC and you could easily just check on war assets from your terminal. That's the only major reno, otherwise it's the same assets for the most part. We can now access the shuttle bay where before we only got to go down there to blow up an oculus.

Traynor and Cortez are new crewmates who are same-sex LI's for Shepard. Neither of them are annoying which is good. Sadly our dog does nothing but wander around the shuttle bay, when it was announced as a bonus I thought it would do cool dog things and maybe hang out in your cabin but nope. As we recruit new squadmates some of the rooms will fill up, but there's a lot of empty space on the ship. One nice thing they've added in 3 is that your squadmates will actually move around the ship and interact with one another, or they'll talk on comms.

We have 2 "Priority" missions to choose from since we have all DLC. However you should ignore this designation, it basically means plot missions. If you have side things to do and tackle a priority mission instead the side content can become unavailable, so generally speaking do everything but a priority mission. Kinda dumb.

Also we recorded some MP over the weekend, so as soon as I can get that cobbled together I'll put up a bonus video.