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Part 7: Meet n' greet

Meet n' greet

Sorry about the delay, I got distracted by something shiny. Also sorry for sounding like a frog, I've been a bit sick.

We get to know our new Prothean friend. He's still a jerk, though I guess he has some justification. Liara's hopes get dashed about the Protheans, turns out they were actually warmongering imperialist assholes and the Prothean Empire worked a lot like Rome - conquered peoples ended up calling themselves Prothean no matter what race they were. Plus a bit of trivia - the weird statues we saw in ME1 and the flashback aren't Protheans, they're an older race that left behind some shit so they got built on top of. We can't take him out right away so we'll have to let him cool his heels for a mission or two.

Then we head on over to Palaven and it's pretty nasty. The planet is getting scorched. The mission opener shows a cruiser getting blown up and then a bunch of little fighters swarming a full-size reaper. I'm no general but this seems like a really fucking stupid tactic. If the main cannons of a large cruiser don't make a dent not sure what the equivalent of gnats are supposed to do; maybe annoy the reaper to death. Anyway, we land on the moon and find out the Primarch is dead, long live the Primarch. Except everything's such a shitshow they're not sure who the next in command is so we have to go fix their cell network. Smashing a few husks to death accomplishes this task. I thought the Turian military was supposed to be good.

We'll finish up the mission in the next go round.