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Part 11: Sidequest for fire

Sidequest for fire

Sorry about the delay, I've been redoing the office into a den/guestroom which involves lots of cleaning, moving things, and putting together about $500 worth of Ikea furniture Lazyfire joins me for a bunch of crap we picked up off-camera. I thought, "Eh, I'll just turn in all these sidequests now so we can get to the plot," and the entire video ended up being 90 minutes so it's broken up into a few updates. Jesus. If you want something with a bit more action go check out his LP of Wolfenstein TNC

In ME3 you get sidequests mostly by walking past people and overhearing their conversations. On one hand this is nice since you don't actually have to talk to everyone to get stuff, on the other you may miss something if you're not within earshot. We run into a lot of people we know along the way and hand over piles of shit we found in space. If you find the thing before you actually get the sidequest it doesn't break anything and you can just hand it in when you run into the person. Many of these are timed since A Thing Happens later and if you haven't turned them in by then you're out whatever piddly amounts of cash and/or war assets you would have gotten. Oh no. Kasumi's quest has to be done in one go, if you leave the Citadel then it fails and you don't get to resolve it which is annoying so make sure you do that one to resolution before buggering off otherwise you'll never see her again