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Part 14: Aw yiss

Aw yiss

Victus told us that in order for the Turians to help they need to take some pressure off Palaven by getting the Krogan to help. So we have to try and talk them into it. We don't have to talk too hard, as we're already BFF's with the HKIG. He wants a pretty simple thing that isn't simple at all, except we saved Maelon's research in 2 which means we're most of the way there. Turns out a few lady krogan escaped the facility and the Salarians kidnapped took them for safekeeping. The Dalatrass is a total asshole and we force the issue with some help from Victus.

On Sur'Kesh we run into another couple old friends and then Cerberus shows up to really get the party started. We never do find out how Cerberus knows about all this shit. However a couple platoons of Cerb grunts are barely a speedbump. Also lots of fun dialogue between everyone. I personally think the Tuchanka arc has the best writing in the whole series, it has both the most and moments (assuming you aren't a horrible person that got everyone killed in earlier games).

We get a couple of sidequests that need to be done before you finish the arc. Victus's is a two-parter while Wrex's is a single mission. Both are good. You also get another one of the MP maps to do. Buckle in kids!