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Part 15: It's ok to be a failson

It's ok to be a failson

Doing the first part of a two-part quest. Victus tells us we need to go rescue a platoon of Turians who are doing some unnamed shit on Tuchanka. Wrex tells us the Rachni are possibly acting up again. This happens even if you killed the queen in 1, it's just this time around she's a clone instead of the real deal we chatted with. What order you do these in doesn't matter, as long as you do the 2nd part of the Turian arc before you do the priority mission. Otherwise it goes away and a bad thing happens. I cut it out, but we also get another MP map mission that we'll do in the next episode.

Once we land it turns out the dude in charge of the fucked Turians is Victus's son, oops. We just kill a few reapers along the way, some in spectacular fashion. Also I eat shit once since I brought probably the worst combo of teammates for this particular mission - James himself isn't bad, but EDI is nigh useless and she also likes sticking her decoy right in front of me, not only making it difficult to aim, but also attracting enemies to my position I do remember on my first playthrough at launch I died a lot in that final section as I wasn't used to the faster combat and was still using some shitty weapon/armor. We save the Turians and Victus Jr tells us they're there to defuse a giant bomb that is not a show about videogames. Also Cerberus have it because of course they do. We get them to continue on with the promise we'll help out.

Then back on the Normandy we kinda holler at Victus for holding out on us, then neglect to press him further on the matter. Also Mordin has completed his genophage cure and figures out how he'll get it working ASAP. We now have a plan, but of course we'll go fucking about a bit more before implementing it.