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Part 18: Anthropocentric bag of dicks

Anthropocentric bag of dicks

And we're back. Doing a few more sidequests and chatting with crew, along with another MP map. On the Citadel we give Ereba the bad news. Like I say in the video, she and the Krogan were a cute couple and this is very We also meet Liara's dad, who we have met before. Bartriarch! I have to do the fucking hokey pokey to make it work, but at least this convo doesn't make you reload the area every time. Then we go and murder even more Cerberus guys, except this time we think it's a rogue faction, but honestly at this point who knows. And here we pick up another thing to complete a sidequest.

We'll have one more video of cleanup so we can push on with the plot. Tuchanka is the first major cutoff point so it's a good idea to clear your plate entirely before moving on if you care about such things.