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Part 19: Dropping the C-bomb

Dropping the C-bomb

Doing the last of side bits that matter before moving on. We take care of Aria's problem(s) in getting the merc groups back under her thumb and deliver some bad news. Then back to Tuchanka to take care of that bomb business.

The mission itself is straightforward, get in, kill some Cerb mooks, and then let Victus the younger disarm the bomb. Except there's a problem because of course there is. So he manually releases himself into a giant hole but does manage to prevent the bomb going off so yay. Then back on the Normandy we defuse a situation probably a hell of a lot easier than we should be able to. This plot point is kind of annoying. If the Turians want to establish good relations with the Krogan the smart move is to reveal the bomb, explain it was planted centuries ago and then have a joint Krogan/Turian operation to take care of it. Instead it gets hijacked and nearly set off. Even then it would have been smarter to 'fess up to Wrex as a goodwill gesture. But since the plot has to move forward it's just "eh whatever a bomb a dead son yadda yadda."

Hilariously I was checking Shep's email before I did this mission and I got one from Wrex saying a gigantic bomb had gone off and shit was going to hit the fan. I guess it was a bug, because the mission was still available but for as long as it took me to dig around in the journal I was thinking I had to replay fuck only knows how much content.

Next stop: rewriting galactic politics.