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Part 23: (Don't) Fuck the Batarians

(Don't) Fuck the Batarians

Lazyfire joins me as we run around on the Citadel in sidequest hell. Along the way we run into a couple familiar faces from previous games. I do like the thread of continuity here, and it's a shame that there wasn't less effort put into "accessibility" and more into acting like the third game in a trilogy. No one who started ME with 3 is gonna know or care about returning characters anyway. Still, the moments and callbacks are there and usually satisfying when they occur.

We see some residual destruction from the attempted coup, and this will hilariously stick around for the remainder of the game, including some convos you'll have with people with smoke visible in the background and scorch marks everywhere. At the end we get a hint as to our next major plot mission, and also get another side mission from Liara. We'll be ignoring that stuff to do Omega for now. Also Kaidan joins the squad.

I'll do a quick runaround of the ship to have some chats and then we'll trigger the DLC and get going on that.