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Part 24: Blue by you

Blue by you

We check in real fast with people and get even more goddamn sidequests. Traynor's is a major mission, Chakwas's isn't. Then it's off to the Citadel to meet up with Aria so we can Take Back OmegaTM. For some reason we can't bring anyone along. You'd think that if Aria was interested in a ground assault she'd want as many people as possible, but whatevs. It's possible they didn't want to pay everyone to come back for VA. Also the guy in charge is some super badass strategist who's never been mentioned before. He's a guy with a Russian name and a British accent. We get told to meet up with her fleet(?) which is hidden(?!) near the Citadel. It just dumps you back at the galaxy map, so at least you don't have to go through several loading screens.

Once we head on over we end up speaking to the man himself, who is a pompous dickwad. No wonder TIM likes him. Then Aria has a magnificent aka dumb plan to crash the ship into Omega to take out its shields but we get shot up before we can kamikaze our way in and end up bailing in escape pods. ME2 flashbacks all over the place. Once inside we start shooting dudes which is a radical new strategy for us. We need to get the cannons deactivated so the rest of the fleet can land. This turns out to be stupidly easy because after a couple of upgrades our charge is now to the point where it's ready to go again before we're done with Nova. It's disgusting and a war crime and I love it. Then Aria tells us exactly where her supar sekret base is because we would totally give a fuck where level D is or whatever and Petrovsky is listening in so now he knows everything

Aria gets two new (to SP) powers, both of which are pretty good. Flare is broke as fuck in SP if you use it, and lash if not super effective, can lead to great silliness such as this. If you want to do that you have to aim just above your target and let physics do the rest. She also has reave and the usual buffs to health and powers. She's pretty close to a vanguard without the charge, as she uses a shotgun/SMG combo. We've tarted her up with the GPS and the Hurricane, so she'll do decent damage and mostly keep herself out of harm's way.

Next time we'll move further into the plot, such as it is. Probably kill some more Cerberus guys, just to be different.