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Part 26: Shoots and ladders

nine-gear crow posted:

What a remarkable coincidence!

Shoots and ladders

Guys. Guys. Guys. I have a bona fide rockstar for a co-commentator this episode. Pardon me while I fangirl squee all over the place.

I'd like y'all to meet Adrian Conner. We've heard her music before, specifically ME2 episodes 35 and 43. I said 44 in the video, oops. I've been watching her play since around 2006-7 with her all-female AC/DC cover band Hell's Belles. When I tell people about them I get "oh, hahaha girls playing AC/DC, that's funny." No. Angus Young called 'em the best AC/DC cover band he's ever heard. They will rock your face off of your face. And after years of me being shitfaced in the front row and headbanging myself into (further) brain damage we started talking after shows and now we're friends She's also prolific with her own music and we get to hear some today.

Yesterday on a whim I asked if she'd like to guest on the LP and she said yes and was kind enough to make room in her schedule today for us to record while she's on the road. A word about the audio: It's 100 degrees here and if I don't have the air conditioner running I will die. This caused major gain issues with my crappy headset, and she wasn't set up to do any recording so there was some bleedthrough from the video. I cleaned it up as best I could, but it's loud in some spots and quiet in others and may sound weird from time to time. So I'll apologize in advance.

Our job in today's episode is to go recruit the Talons to our cause. Cerberus is trying to hunt down the Talon leader as well so it's a bit of a race to see who gets there first. In a shocking totally-not-forseen twist Nyreen is the Talon leader. They're no longer a drug smuggling gang, and now spend their time fighting the occupation and helping out civilians. They also totally left crates of dope lying around, which will probably get hoovered up by some enterprising other gang or junkies or some shit eventually, but hey it's Omega and nobody gives a fuck about goddamned red sand. We're supposed to head to a Talon outpost and along the way we get into what's supposed to be a huge fight but we're vanguarding so it's more light exercise for us. I had to slow down the goddamn footage so it would last for the length of the song.

After that we're treated to the most fucked-up cutscene in ME history. I don't know if there was a terrible time crunch or what, but just remember that a QA somewhere went, "yeah, that's fine, ship it." And then we'll have to go fight some more dudes, but that's next time. The video clip at the end was me filming with my phone, holding it way above my head and also I was drunk. Shocker, I know. So a good chunk of the time I've managed to cut off Adrian's head. Sorry Adrian

I stuck some links in to YT and FB. Go give 'em a look, or hell, a sub. It's fucked up that I play videogames and talk shit over them and somehow have more subscribers. I make a couple cameos in HB's Keystone video. If you somehow pick me out of the audience I will give you a stupid prize TBD.