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Part 27: Adjudicative proceedings

Adjudicative proceedings

Helping out the Talons and ourselves. We do some bullshit fighting (seriously, why was that side section there at the beginning?) and then make it back to Aria's bunker. Turn in our sidequests and figure out how to take out the force fields. Looks like TIM was still able to bring some tech back from the Collector base even though we blowed it up. Also, with great joy: HARROT.

We find a way through and it's dark and spoopy and hey, there's some Adjutants finally. I guess they might be trouble if you were playing as something more squishy like an engineer, but we mow right through them. Kill more dudes and find the reactor we can shut down to take out the cattle fencing so the shitshow can start. Combat at this point is kind of a joke. It doesn't last long enough to put a stupid song in (at least one longer than a minute and a half) but it's also not difficult enough to make it interesting. I mean, it's still fun as hell to play but maybe not as good for watching. Later on I think there are still some setpieces that will be at least a bit difficult.

After this we'll get the Omega Street Fair started.