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Part 28: Come on Nyreen

Come on Nyreen

And we (finally) finish up Omega. Video runs a bit long but I figured better that than 2 short ones.

Upon reaching the reactor we discover oh no, it was a trap. Aria actually does something useful and gets us out so we can overload the reactor. Except instead of overloading which will kill a bunch of people we reroute power which pisses Aria off. Fuck her. The engineer thing is good and funny, Shep's just like "bitch please" and hits the button right off. Then we have to go stop Cerberus from collapsing the station which seems like a poor tactic on Petrovsky's part. We make it to the Talon's outpost and Nyreen goes off on her own. Along the way there we get another stellar example of Cerberus science.

At Afterlife Nyreen finds the rest of the wild adjutants and kamikazes herself to take them out Too bad they didn't let her stick around and maybe hang out with Aria. Inside it's a basic repeat of the pillars section, except I die because of targeting issues. Then Petrovsky is a big babby and we see our payoff for harping on Aria the whole time about not being an asshole. If you went more renegade then she'll try to kill him and her speech at the end is all about her being king hell shit of everything. We get the "good" version and then unceremoniously leave to get back to saving the galaxy.

After doing Omega Aria shows back up at the Citadel because it's "easier to run things from three." Thematically stupid but sensible from a gameplay standpoint - they don't have to model a new hub or anything.