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Part 30: Hitting the bottle

Hitting the bottle

A social interstitial where we run around talking with people, turn in a couple of sidequests, and reiterate to Liara once again that no, really we do want to be GF's. Traynor's romance is pretty cute, and I don't know about Allers because I am glad that with DA they finally decided fuck it and started modelling tits and ass, since animating someone take a shower in their underwear is goddamn stupid. Either frame it so naughty bits are strategically hidden or just show shoulders up or something for shit's sake. For Garrus I decide based on what class I'm playing - soldier or infiltrator I'm taking that thing out. Shep's response in that case is "Nobody alive, but then again, I died."

Now an update on updates: I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks, but I have footage for another episode recorded. I'll edit and put commentary on it, then probably upload next week sometime so we're not going even longer between episodes. There's only a couple more actual plot beats to deal with before endgame, but we still have the Leviathan and Citadel DLC's to do plus significant sidequests, and I prefer to have all available people for Citadel