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Part 31: You dumb motherfuckers

You dumb motherfuckers

And we're back!

We got told to go find out what the Quarians have been up to. Like pretty much all of their history, it's something incredibly stupid and also in violation of the law. They decided a Reaper invasion was a good time to start shit with the Geth and are now getting their asses handed to them. Thanks to morally questionable technology the Geth were forced to ally with the Reapers once again. We have to drop in on a Geth dreadnought and disable the signal. But Tali is back (as an Admiral, no less!) so she'll give us a hand. I also take Edi along for thematic reasons.

After a 2001-ish section my game shit the fucking bed, I guess my PS3 was as dismayed by the Quarians' decision making as I was. We get other folks on board and go looking for the off switch. Of course this doesn't go smoothly and we end up literally running down the barrel of a huge fuckoff gun. Once we make it through we find the source of the signal. It's Legion We'll just need to shut that down and get off the ship. Except Han Gerrel, who was kind of our buddy in 2 turns out to be a huge goddamn psychopathic asshole and decides that blowing up the ship with all of us on it is an excellent idea. We make it off, punch him in the gut and tell him to get the fuck off the Normandy. What an asshole. Val Koris, who was antagonistic in 2 is now apparently the only sane person left in the Quarian hierarchy but his ship got blowed up and he's stuck down on Rannoch. We'll take care of that problem soon, along with the other sidequest we got. These things are important to do if you want the "best" ending to this storyline. And of course we want that.

I'd just like to complain about how goddamn stupid the Quarians are. If it weren't for Tali and the fact we need their fleet (in theory anyway, we could beat the game without those assets) I'd not go for the best ending and let them all eat shit. "Hey, we actually talked to a Geth and they don't want to fight!" "Let's start a war during a galaxywide crisis and also we'll use those things developed by research that violates even our flimsy standards! " What a bunch of dickheads.