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Part 33: error

505 error
We take a little jaunt down to the surface of Rannoch to help Legion kick the plug out of the wall on a server. There's no combat in this mission, though I guess there's some shooting. Really annoying shooting, more on that later. In order to access the server I we have to Matrix ourselves in and then are subjected to about 25 minutes of a bad hybrid of Pong and Duck Hunt. Actually now that I think about it adding a Duck Hunt element like a shooting gallery would have made it more fun. I appreciate that they were going for something different but the execution results in tearfully boring gameplay, and probably by extension a tearfully boring LP video. I'm not funny or insightful enough to carry that much dead space, sorry kids. In hindsight I should have cut out all the inbetween bits and just had a 15 minute episode.

At any rate, we do get to learn the origin story of the Geth from their point of view. Unsurprisingly the Quarians were assholes. Surprisingly the Geth were not, and once they had thoroughly trounced them in combat (a story that would go on to repeat itself until the present day) they let them be. As recompense they got their happy Dyson sphere blown up by a bunch of fuckheads. Were it not for the fact that Tali has been able to see past her own blind spot, she has been a good crewmember and friend, and that I'm going for the best ending I would happily let the Geth keep their Reaper upgrades long enough to reduce the fleet into metallic and organic particles floating in the cold silence of space. Fuckers.