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Part 37: Jerry's kids

Jerry's kids

Traynor gave us a thing to check into awhile back, so we go looking. Turns out a bunch of Cerberus scientists have gone rogue and by that we mean actually tried to turn legit. Since TIM is omnipotent and has unlimited resources he tracked 'em down. Upon arrival we discover everyone's wet cardboard squadmate "protecting" them. And by that we mean getting shot. It's Jacob. He doesn't give us any of the good stuff though, and spends the entire mission sitting on a couch. Oh well, not like he's useful anyway. Also he has a girlfriend now, even if he hooked up with Shep. Not only does this free you up for romancin' but you can punch him in the face.

We also run into another familiar face, Gavin Archer from the Operation Overlord DLC. Just for shits and giggles I let him blow his brains out and then reload the save so we get his 10 war assets or whatever the fuck he's good for. This mission is mediocre, much like our former squadmate. If you let ol' Jason eat shit in 2 it's a random Cerb scientist mook. Really if you did there's almost no point to it, your assets are minimal. I guess you get the Carnifex for free.

Next up we'll be doing the Leviathan DLC, which is pretty good and effectively a long lore dump on the origins of the Reapers. You can do it right after getting to the Citadel for the first time, and you have the option of doing it piecemeal, but it breaks all the ship convos until it's done so I always handle it in one sitting.