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Part 38: Fuck Dis shit

Fuck Dis shit

Doing the Leviathan DLC. It's available the first time you go to the Citadel after dropping off your injured teammate. There's a task force looking for dirt/history on the Reapers and we pop in to a Dr. Bryson's lab to see what's up. Everything goes to shit extremely quickly. The Leviathan of Dis is an in-universe thing that people who actually read the planet descriptions in ME1 might know about. From the codex:

Jartar is a terrestrial world with a trace atmosphere of krypton and xenon. The surface is hot, and mainly composed of unremarkable silicates. Occasional deposits of aluminum, magnesium, and other light metals can be found.

Jartar is noted for the discovery of the "Leviathan of Dis," the apparent corpse of a genetically engineered living starship. The Leviathan was found in the bottom of a crater by a batarian survey team, and estimated to be nearly a billion years old. It "disappeared" after a visit to the system by a batarian dreadnought twenty years ago.

Since then, the batarians have steadfastly denied that the Leviathan existed at all – and all the more vociferously when shown recordings of the corpse made by salarian researchers.

Now our ol' buddy Balak mentioned that the Hegemony got undone by indoctrinated Batarians that opened up the relay for the Reapers to come through. This is the likely culprit. It's probably for the best that the Batarians found it instead of some other Council race that might have actually shared the discovery and fucked things up a whole lot worse. We do some detective shit and narrow down our next destination. And also play with a decapitated husk head. WTF Bryson. When we get there things are really weird and fucked up. This is pretty spoopy the first time you play through it. I saved the actual exploration for next time as it does take awhile. There are 3 main missions in Leviathan, each one is fairly meaty and then you get interstitials at the lab as well.