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Part 39: Garneau no no

Garneau no no

We penetrate further (hurr hurr) into the galaxy's weirdest mining colony. Everyone is still acting fucked up and they're all doing psychotic science fair projects. There are some old memos and emails lying around. Garneau found another artifact but got sucker punched so we head to the hospital After some interesting ventriloquism he freaks out and runs off so we give chase, have fun with doors and get into a fight. Then he blows himself up and oops, turns out it wasn't Garneau after all. Garneau's been taking a dirt nap for a few days and missed all his calls. Back at the Citadel we do some more sleuthing and figure out where Ann Bryson is.

I do rather like this DLC, it's really atmospheric and stupid drone shit aside it's mostly fun to play. You have the detective parts and then some fighting parts. Most of the setpieces are pretty good.It does turn into a "tell, don't show" expo dump at the end but there are neat stops along the way.