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Part 40: Getting ahead

Getting ahead

We go looking for Ann Bryson. We find her and unsurprisingly it's a big ol' mess. Getting this recorded nearly caused me to smash my PS3 with a hammer. The game would either freeze or drop to single-digit framerates. Took several tries to get something that wasn't nauseating to watch (my gameplay aside). There are eleventy billion harvesters flying around and they are actually real enemies - they can target you if close enough and fuck your day right up. I do like this mission though, it's nuts with all the explosions, enemies, and disorienting platforming. Poor Ann has spent too much time around the glowy ball and her brain is scrambled. And we have to drop the bad news about her dad. Back at the lab we grab the most important souvenir of anything we'll ever get and use brain-caller ID to locate where Leviathan might be. The longer you make her suffer the more specific the location. If you stop it right away then it's multiple choice and you'll have to do some driving around, do what we did and it's a choice of systems, and if you really let her get melted then you'll know the exact planet. She doesn't turn into a vegetable or anything, but it's pretty harsh and James rightfully chews you out.

All in all this is a pretty good DLC. The last mission is pretty creepy and in an unusual environment. We'll wrap this up and then get back to the story.