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Part 45: The last time I have to do this shit, hooray

The last time I have to do this shit, hooray

Turning in our remaining sidequests, yakking with people, and the final MP map. Apologies if the video is crappy, I had an issue where my editing software decided to render no video at all after I overwrote my original. luckily I upload the un-commented version to YT for my audio recording and was able to download that. It might be a bit overcompressed.

The only thing left to do is start the endgame Well, and have a nice get together with our friends. I spent damn near all day Sunday recording the rest of the game proper and then about 90% of Citadel including a shitload of grinding in the combat arena. After which I discovered that the special mission you get in there doesn't flag right on a re-import so the whole purpose of the grinding was rendered moot Oh well, it'll make for a fun montage.