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Part 47: The beginning of the end

The beginning of the end

Since I recorded a shitload of footage I'm pumping out these things as fast as I can so we can get to the good part. Joining me for this episode is Grandma Party, who is currently LP'ing one of the worst games ever made over here: Like, I don't care what piece of shit game you've played, this is worse. Makes Daikatana look like the Last of Us. I guested on the most recent episode and invited him along for this ride.

Well, we've done it kids. We've united every possible race, solved everyone's problems, and got laid to boot. It's time to finish this shit. Before we go we have to have one last chat with everyone and then jump into the fire. Since we were good we have every possible species helping us. Shit, there are semi-tame Vorcha running around somewhere breaking fans (still really sad they don't show up in the cutscene because that would ROCK). While the entirety of all the fleets gets down to business, we get down to the surface. Except shit's fucked up, naturally. The squad that was supposed to take out the Reaper with a gun on its back got murked so we gotta take a detour and finish off the job. This whole mission is very much as far as enemies go. You could say they are everywhere. It's all very sad and tragic, but at least I get to embrace my true love one last time. The motherfucking Cain Reaper handled we meet up with Anderson and make it to the FOB where we'll plan the final attack.

Main game is looking like it will be complete at 50 episodes - a nice round number.