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Part 48: Kleenex Krew

Kleenex Krew

Right before you jump into the fire, you get a tiny bit of downtime with your squaddies. It's bittersweet and if you played the whole trilogy can be quite the gut-punch. Now Traynor doesn't go along for this so if you romanced her you get your chat before you go. Also I somehow missed James, oops. Sorry James. His chat isn't real in depth anyway since you've only known him for 1 game. We get to use galactic phone to call anyone that still happens to be alive. If your LI isn't a current crewmember then the convo is a bit longer. The Garrus chat is fucking great and if you romanced him it's really a goddamn heartbreaker; Jennifer Hale herself says she was pretty much in tears recording it. Then everything gets shit up by a completely unnecessary turret section. I have no idea what fucking jackass put this here. It screws up the pacing and emotion. So fuck you, whoever you are. Then we talk to our GF. Now I purposely did a cheesy/silly thing, but it would have been really nice if they'd managed to put some short scenes in here, but it probably has to do with the EA dictum of "making things accessible." Just add it if it's an import, fer chrissakes. We also get to talk to Wrex one last time, which I really did appreciate. We get a crappy plan on how we're gonna get to the beam and have one last speech to give. It's all blood and guts from here on out, 2 episodes and we're done.