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Part 51: Just another day

Just another day

After the ending shitshow and the bandaid EC there was supposed to be one more DLC. An end once and for all, if you will. Citadel actually released 1 year after the game, I was fuzzy on this but in the interim you got Leviathan and Omega, so a year is forgivable. I also suspect that everyone that wasn't involved in the ending felt like the fans were owed a bit of an apology, and they came through. Some people complain that Citadel is too fan service-y, but those people can go fuck themselves.

You get access to this after Cerberus invades the Citadel, there's an email from Hackett that the Normandy should be brought in for some repair/maintenance and it shows up on the docking screen as Anderson's Apartment. Upon arrival you chat with Anderson himself, who says he wants to gift it to you as he's decided he wants to stay on Earth. This apartment is and you can't turn it down even if you wanted, though why anyone would do that is a goddamn mystery. We get a message from Joker that he wants to treat us to dinner at a swanky sushi restaurant, so after a thorough inspection we head over. Anderson's logs are kinda meh, and would add about another 10 minutes to the video so we skip 'em.

Upon arrival we engage in a little chit-chat and then discover Joker didn't send the message, he got a message from us. Then a high-strung Alliance intelligence officer named Brooks shows up and explains someone's been trying to hax0r our personal info. Then some mercs we've never seen before show up and start shooting up the place. We're in our civvies so our recharge is all fucked plus we only have a dropped pistol. It's a great pistol but it weighs a shitton and will fuck your cooldowns something fierce since you aren't in armor. Brooks takes a bullet for us and then we fall through the fishtank floor. After taking out half the neon on the ward we fall onto a platform and have to get across the gap to a skycar lot where there's a landing pad to get picked up. There are a shitton of mercs between it and us, so we go about some killin', stealin', and readin' people's logs. Somehow I missed the best one which is a guy who owns a future crossfit studio and passes out from EXTREME PAIN YEAAAAAA after hurting himself.

We make it to the skycar lot and Liara is there. This will be either her or your LI (one and the same in our case) unless it's Traynor because Traynor never gets to leave the ship for some reason. There's a plot reason, but it's not revealed until later. We politely get told to fuck off by a used car salesman and then our ride turns out to be full of badguys. Then motherfucking Wrex saves the day and we get him back in our party for at least a couple of minutes. I wasn't sure who showed up if he's dead (you monster), turns out it's James. Either way we have a bit of a fight and then Joker shows up with a shuttle to take us back to the apartment. More crew shows up and we figure out how to proceed while making small talk. Most everyone gives us shit for the fish thing though to be fair to us it's not like we shot the floor to get away, we just happened to be standing on it. There will be more fish jokes further down the road, and a damn good one too.