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Part 52: Wrex in effect

Wrex in effect

Oh look, an update! Sorry about the delay, I gots all kind of shit going on.

After we took a trip through a fishtank we had our superspy GF take a look into the gun we found and get some answers. It's traced back to a casino owner on the Citadel who is a moron because when you have a license to steal legally you should supplement that income with illegally smuggling weapons. Roping our new friend Brooks into helping we attend a swanky fundraiser at said casino and have to hax0r our way into his safe room. Instead of, y'know, just using our Spectre status to walk in and interrogate him, safe room and security be damned.

There are a lot of fun conversations to be had here but in the interest of expediency I only choose a few. We catch up with our old hooker consort friend a bit, and for some reason missed out on a part of the conversation. She says she was worried her prophecy for us hadn't been correct because we died but no, she was right. And her flag is bugged much like Conrad's in 2. You can gamble too, though if you're going to do that might as well just wait for later on when you're not getting interrupted. When we finally make it in Khan's already been dealt with by someone so we rip the HDD out of his computer so EDI can look at it.

The next mission is back to more shooting and has a fantastic gimmick along with some of my favorite dialogue in the series in part because of in-jokes and callbacks and also it's just damn funny. It'll also make for a much longer video instead of just splitting it up, but imo the best parts of Citadel aren't this storyline anyway.