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Part 53: I? Should go?

I? Should go?

Where I feel the DLC really kicks it into gear. More in-jokes than you can shake a stick at.

Back at the apartment we get a little more info on our mystery adversaries and discover they're headed for the archives. You still pick a regular squad but this time everyone else gets to tag along too. This makes for a hell of a lot of banter. Good stuff too, but you do run into the problem of people getting cut off before it moves onto the next witty interaction. We break in because that's more fun than walking through the front door. Immediately we're thrown in the shit and we meet our shadow rival. HOLY SHIT A CLONE TIM made a backup copy which he immediately forgot about (like seriously, why wouldn't you use that instead of shitninja?) and she's a little cranky about the whole thing. She's got a plan to commit ID theft and bails leaving her less-than-stellar mercs to deal with. Needless to say they don't fare very well against us.

Then it's a sort-of chase through the archives trying to catch up. You get lots of shooting, more silly banter and muthafuckin' Wrex back in action. Also Mako vs Hammerhead burns, everyone vs Shepard burns, and a general jolly good time. Then we overextend ourselves and get trapped in a bank cylinder. Turns out Brooks isn't Brooks at all, but some ex-Cerberus who decided that TIM wasn't nearly specist enough and woke up our unwilling organ donor. They don't do a very good job though and we break out after Shep reflects on her poor longstanding choice of ending a conversation. I love Wrex here, "I just thought it was some weird human custom." Then we get have to pick a squad so we can stop the Normandy being stolen.

The comments during this mission are pretty damn funny, too bad a lot of them get cut off. Liara will tell Glyph to lower their morale and he'll make comments about the low likelihood of survival, others will chip in about how much CAT-6 sucks, you have the mercs lamenting their lack of krogans, all in all really good stuff. There's some extra hilarious bits in the next video where we wrap up the story part of the DLC. After that is when things really get fun.