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Part 54: Go fuck yourself

Go fuck yourself

We pick our squad and head out in a stolen (presumably) skycar to stop ourselves from stealing the Normandy. This whole bit is fantastic IMO. First you have flags for the squad selection - I believe Liara bitched not only because she's our LI but also we took her along the most. Whoever you took the least during the main game gives you the "I never get picked" line. On the ride over you get different variations of the conversation. If you take EDI her brain gets fried from being forcibly shut down on the Normandy and does a very good impersonation of Avina from the first game when the Citadel is attacked: Then we knock a few mooks off platforms and make it to the ship. There are also a couple of different versions of the pre-flight check line depending on squad composition.

We run into Traynor who just got "fired." If you romanced her you can verify your identity by kissing her. This is the plot reason why she doesn't get to hang out at the apartment even though Cortez does. The whole toothbrush thing cracks me up every time. Even if you're an adept or have Liara with you, there's a bit about it requiring too precise control. It also gives a recognizable callback to the weirdos who started with the third game. Then Hale's delivery and Garrus's "I'll make a note of it." Also the cannon fodder thing is very funny. Wrex is delighted to be having a firefight on the ship and the hamster thing is hysterical. Bonus elevator conversation! And then it's time to fight ourselves. Your clone will have all the same main powers you do. They don't seem to use ammo powers or squad bonuses. In our case this leads to a pretty straightforward fight. Make them heal 5 times and you're done. Then we learn about the power of friendship and shoot Brooks for pissing us off. You do have the option to keep her for war assets but we already won the war so fuck her. That's what you get for backing the wrong horse!

All in all I feel this is a great mission, but it's not the best part of Citadel. That will be dicking around with our squadmates and then the actual party. We'll also try out the combat simulator, which is a condensed SP version of the MP.