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Part 57: Veni, vidi, victuals

Veni, vidi, victuals

Finishing up our hangouts. If Ash is alive then you meet her at the bar for a drinking contest that ends after 2 shots with an offscreen fight. Kaiden's isn't much more exciting, but you do at least get the "food of my people" line which is funny. Grunt's is hilarious, our teenage son getting into trouble. If you dated Garrus then you end up doing a tango in the bar which is very Jack will give Shep a tattoo and get belligerently sad about him possibly dying. Traynor and Shep get into the hot tub together and make out a bit. I really want to know when Sanders had the time to drop off a bag between Grissom and Anderson being stuck on earth, since they haven't seen each other for 20 years