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Part 58: We party down

We party down

And here we have the end of the DLC, the game, and the trilogy. All our friends come over for a raging kegger. I pretty much just stay out of the way here. If you go with a subdued party it's (imo) not as fun, though there are some really funny bits as well - one of my favorites just being Wrex, Grunt, and Shepard going "Wrex." "Shepard." "Shepard." "Grunt." for as long as you care to keep it up. Everyone is much better shitfaced. But I'm sure you can find the subdued party somewhere on YT if you care to look. Also someone did a FailShep one where there were only like 3 people at the party. Sad but also hilarious. I'll let you guys do the talking and just chime in with my own thoughts - though I will say this seems like a good and proper sendoff to the series instead of grimdark bullshit. Raise a glass one and all for Shepard and crew.

I've enjoyed the hell out of this but I'm also really really glad it's done. Gonna take some time off before deciding what to do next and maybe let it cool down a little so I don't pass out trying to do commentary

For everyone who's stuck around through all this crazy bullshit, got drunk, suffered bad jokes (both the game's and mine)...thanks. I should go.