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Part 59: Shooting (the) shit

Shooting (the) shit

First bonus MP video! Joined by goons Aces High and Kimberly Clark, we do a couple of bronze missions. There were lots of technical difficulties, including a malfunctioning controller and a match where everyone got disconnected but me so we had to restart. Also KC is my BFF for reals and he's visiting for Christmas so I had to do a dual setup which left him using the Gold headset which makes you sound like you have a bucket on your head. In addition we've been friends for longer than a lot of goons have been alive so excuse our in-jokes.

Starting off with an all-Krogan match and how stupid fun they are, though I kept missing melee Then we all put on really OP classes and melted shit though Aces got disconnected again and had to join late. The Asari Huntress is my goto class for high difficulties. Unlike other infils she gets a bonus to powers when she cloaks instead of weapons. Slap a power amp IV on her, plus the biotic amp equipment and she'll dissolve things even on plat.

Some quirks you'll notice (other than KC's fucked up controller) are that you run like a drunk person. This is because they bound run to X so you have to take your thumb off the directional stick which means you'll run in a straight line from there and then have to stop running to turn. It's stupid, there's a reason pretty much every shooter uses L3 or R3 to run. Also cover is quite sticky, so you'll get hung up on corners or attach yourself to a wall when you mean to dodge. Some characters like the shaman Aces is playing can't even get into cover properly. You'll also hear us talking about (and get to see) a sync kill. This is a move some boss type enemies have where even if you're running past or trying to dodge you'll "sync" with the animation and get hoovered in for an instant kill. There are ways around this, one character cannot be synced at all and if you are on a different level then you can't be grabbed. People still don't know this and it's fun to dance with a nasty boss enemy on a ramp, then have someone try the same thing on level surfaces and get ganked

We'll try and coordinate to do some more of these at higher difficulties where things really get nuts.