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Part 60: Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze

MP video #2. I'm playing as a Paladin who is fun as hell and also very good on all difficulties. You have cryo/fire and shield drain. It's extremely easy to set up and detonate your own combos here, which is where Andromeda's MP fell the fuck down. Only a couple of the characters there can do this so you have to wait/hope one of your teammates will synergize with what you're doing and it generally doesn't work out much. The Paladin's cryo blast goes through solid objects as well so you can hide behind a wall and spray things down, then pop out of cover and explode them.

Aces is running a variant vanguard that has a hand cannon which is fantastic AoE and stagger, plus his heavy melee decapitates enemies I generally avoid using vanguards above silver as the number of enemies that sync kill increase exponentially and it gets too hazardous. KC is running the default human biotic, which was really poopy at launch but got patched later on and is now also good on all difficulties.