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Original Thread: Let's Seek the Spell of Mastery in... Master of Magic



Master of Magic is the second of the three 4X strategy games designed by Steven Barcia, developed by SimTex, and published by Microprose. This 1994 title chronicles the struggles of mighty wizard-lords to build their empires over the twin worlds of Arcanus and Myrror, amidst the ruins of earlier ages.

The dwarves of Goldwash, however, do not know what the future brings. They know only that the new queen they have crowned promises them a future filled with wonders...

Spoiler Policy

Goldwash is a small town set in a world that has fallen far from its heights under the Confederation of Wizards of ancient days. They do not know with certainty what lies in the world about them. That said, there may be rumors and legends of other peoples and strange monsters from ancient days. Please keep content that may be spoilers in a vague form that fits with rumors from a forgotten past.

Petitions Policy

Dagmaer Flodmarsdottir is the Queen of Goldwash, and, as such, she ultimately rules. That said, Queen Dagmaer wishes to give ear to the concerns of her people and to openly share any information available to the crown to the people. Petitions raising concerns, requesting changes in policy, or requesting reports on any information available are always welcomed, and shall be addressed by the Queen. By the will of her people and through the blessing of the Four Bright Gods does she rule, and none shall be ignored when they speak.

A Technical Note

This Let's Play makes use of a mod co-designed by myself and my friend Reiska, and programmed by Reiska. The mod's effects are relatively minor, and are fully documented here:
The mod files themselves are available from this link:

Dwarven Names

I have been using as a reference for dwarven names, with the 'surname' in all cases being a patronymic indicating the dwarf's father. It may be useful for those who wish to make petitions in-character.


Firstmonth 1400-The Kingsmoot
1400-The First Year of Her Reign
1401-The Battle of Stonegate
1402-The Golden Company
1403-A New Found Land
1404-The Fortress Town of Stonehome
1405-The Royal Army
1406-The Great Hunt
1408-The Kingdom of Bloodrock
1409-The Return of Eigil Einarsson
1410-Like an Orb of Molten Gold
1411-Nature's Fury
1412-The Second Birth of Vigny Rolfsdottir
1413-The Conquest of Stonehome
1414-The High Protector of Fairlands
1415-The Year of the Evil Moon
1416-Beyond the Second Tower
1417-The Men of the North
1418-One Who is Called and Chosen
1419-The Black Brotherhood
1420-The Crown of All Myrror
1421-The Watchful Eye of Dagmaer
1422-Whosoever Drinketh of the Water I Shall Give Him
1423-The Power of the Lord Protector
1424-The Mystery and the Marriage
1426-The Past and Present Queen of Bloodrock
1427-The Fire of Inspiration
1428-Regarding the Inevitability of Death and Taxes
1429-Rumors of War
1430-New Endeavors
1431-1432-The Breach of Myrror
1433-The Fall of Horus the Holy
1434-1435-The Master of Magic


Regarding the 'High' Races
Regarding the Four Bright Gods
Regarding the Five Magics
Regarding Nodes of Magic
Regarding Dark Elves
Regarding the Dragonkin
Regarding Dwarves
Regarding the Beastkin
Regarding Sss'ra, Mad King of Bloodrock
Regarding the Honeybee, the Crimson Beetle, and the Gray Weaver Spider
Regarding Horus the Holy, High Protector of Fairlands
Regarding High Men
Regarding Orcs
Regarding Gnolls
Regarding Halflings
Regarding Tauron, Husband of the Flame, Court Wizard of the Storm Tribes
Regarding Low Men, or the Folk of the Storm
Regarding the Span of Years of the Races
Regarding the Count of Years in History
Regarding Freya, Elvenqueen of the Wind Tribes
Regarding the Remnants of the High Elves
A Roll of the Great, as of 1417
Regarding Klackons
Regarding the Wizards of the Confederation
Regarding the Worlds and Their Differences
Regarding the Lands and Seas of Myrror
Regarding the Seven Realms of Myrror at the Beginning of the Fifteenth Century
Regarding the Spell of Mastery and the Fall of the Confederation of Wizards
Regarding Meals of the Various Myrran Races
Regarding Lizardkin
Regarding Brown Men
Regarding the Realms and Towns of Arcanus as of 1421
Regarding the Taxes and Levies of Greater Dvergursheim
Regarding the Great Schism of the Elves and the Rise of the Dark Elven Empire
Regarding the Ancient Elves
Regarding the Realm of Freeport
Regarding Rjak, the Defiler
Regarding the Origins of Bright and Dark Magic
Regarding that which Failed in the First Casting of the Spell of Mastery

Reiska's Mechanics Corner

Map Generation and Neutral Towns
Outpost Growth Mechanics
Wizard Personalities and Objectives
Ranged Magical Attacks
Wizard Attitudes and Diplomacy
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