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Part 1: Firstmonth 1400-The Kingsmoot

The Kingsmoot

In the dim twilight world of Myrror, we, the dwarves of Goldwash, have finally found a measure of safety after the Dark Ages and the terrors that followed the fall of the Confederation of Wizards. The greed and power-lust of ancient wizards cast down their wonders and the worlds were laid waste, but we know that we, at least, still yet survive.

In the final month of the year 1399 after the foundation of the Confederation, our old king, Gjafvaldur Geirsson, finally perished, old age claiming him and bearing him to the Four Bright Gods. With his death, as is our way, we held a Kingsmoot that the people might choose who shall next wear the crown. Three set themselves forward for the honor, and their cases were heard. Harald Gjafvaldursson, son of the old king, sought the crown by virtue of his upbringing and his strength at arms that he may safeguard the people. Engla Jonssdottir, a wealthy weaver and investor in the shops of other weavers, put forth her name as one who has deep roots in the burghers and townsfolk who are the true strength of we dwarves. But neither of these could match what was demonstrated by Dagmaer Flodmarsdottir. Before the gathered folk of Goldwash she called upon the Serene Mother and cured the wasting-sickness of Steini Nilsson, and assured us that through her learning and her devotion to the highest principles she might call upon not only the Serene Mother, but also the Righteous Queen, the Sagacious Counsellor, and the Stalwart Warrior that they might act to bring forth their will amongst us. We are promised a future of wonders, and who could find voice to oppose her claim to the crown with such promises?

Long live Queen Dagmaer! May the Righteous Queen ever guide her!

Goldwash, ca. Firstmonth 1400

Dagmaer Flodmarsdottir has taken the crown of Goldwash. She is yet untested, but her learning has let her begin to master the powers offered by the Four Bright Gods. A treasury in the value of 7,500 silver marks is at her command.

We see that Dagmaer has eight 'books' in Life Magic, which grants her potential to learn a great deal of Life Magic. We also see what special abilities she has as a wizard- in this case, Myrran, meaning she starts on Myrror. As dwarves are native to Myrror, we needed the Myrran ability to start.

Goldwash in the chief town of a little stretch of inhabited land, a pocket of dwarven civilisation remaining after the dark years of the past. It lies on a narrow coastal plain with the ocean to the east. A vast forest lies south and west, and two mountains stand nearby to northwest and southeast. The mountain to the northwest, Silverpeak, is mined for rich lodes of silver, while the little streams running to the ocean north from the southeastern mountain, Goldenheart, are rich with gold-bearing stones that are melted down by the smiths of Goldwash. The forests to the south teem with wild boar and other beasts, which are hunted and trapped to bring meat to the tables of the folk of Goldwash.

Goldwash itself is a town of strong stone and timber houses, home to four thousand dwarves, half of whom work the land immediately surrounding the town and half of whom are skilled tradesmen and burghers working at crafts, trades, and buying and selling within the town. The town hosts a garrison headquarters, a number of skilled metalworkers and smiths, and expert masons and builders, as well as the royal palace itself. Two companies of volunteer swordsmen, who have provided their own good steel swords, steel-rimmed shields, steel caps, and quilted armor, serve as the defense of the town against the dangers of the wilds surrounding it. Each numbers sixty strong, recruited from the town or from the countryside surrounding it.

The town currently produces four resources. Each farmer produces two food, which we see as loaves of bread. The wild game south of Goldwash also provides two additional food. Food is used to feed population and military units, so we currently use all six food produced- four to feed the town and two to support our troops. Production is displayed as pickaxes; each farmer produces half a unit of production, while each worker produces three. The forests and mountains near Goldwash provide a 31% bonus to the production thus supplied, due to abundance of timber, charcoal, ores, and stone for raw materials. Fifteen gold is produced by Goldwash, four from taxing the population, six from mining gold, and four from mining silver. Two gold from this amount is spent upkeeping the smithy and builders' hall in the town; our swordsmen, as volunteer troops rather than professional dwarves-at-arms cost no gold in upkeep; the extra food beyond their bare needs of survival is enough. Finally, Dagmaer produces thirteen mana by her own efforts in her tower, that she may allocate between practising her skills, studying and researching new spells, and building up magical power that she can use to cast spells.

A small court of advisors serves the Queen, ready to lend their services- and ready to share their knowledge with any folk who ask.

The Surveyor gives information on terrain and estimates what potential new towns may enjoy when settled on a given site. The Cartographer provides maps that show everything we have explored at a glance; probably more useful when we can't see the entire known world on one screen anyhow. The Apprentice shows us what spells Dagmaer knows, and lets us see what portion of her available lore she has yet to decipher in research. The Historian and Astrologer are basically pointless until we encounter other wizards, as they allow us to compare power over time and overall current power. The Chancellor provides updates on current events at the start of each turn, assuming there are any events to report. The Tax Collector lets us see and adjust the current tax rate. The Grand Vizier automates city production, which I shall not do. And the Mirror we have already seen.

In the town outside, the smoke of industry rises as the tradesmen of the town set to their work. Much can still be done to improve the town's prosperity.

This lists our current options for production in the town. The Sawmill and Miners' Guild will both boost production, the Marketplace will boost gold income, and the Granary will boost food income and population growth. The Library will help with spell research, while the Shrine will help pacify unrest when it appears and generate a little more mana. The Armory and Ship Wrights' Guild both provide more options for unit production, and City Walls help protect our garrison when our city comes under attack. Many of these structures will unlock further options along the line; for instance, both a Granary and a Marketplace will allow for a Farmers' Market, which further boosts food and population growth. Our only unit options now are volunteer Swordsmen, Engineers who can build roads to link towns for trade and speed military movement, and Settlers who can establish outposts that may eventually grow to new towns.

The year is 1400, and Queen Dagmaer sits the throne in Goldwash. Let those who have a voice to speak bring their concerns to her, that she may guide the folk with the justice of the Righteous Queen.