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Part 32: 1430-New Endeavors

New Endeavors

Though the Storm Tribes and Wind Tribes had pledged war against the Kingdom of Nine Crowns, the early portion of 1430 passed peacefully, as the enemy was ill-prepared to launch an invasion of the Towers across the seas. Though Tauron plotted to wreak destruction on the lands of the Kingdom of Nine Crowns, with no reports of Myrror's lands, he was unable to target such magic. Meanwhile, High Queen Dagmaer continued her work, and the inspiration that had brought such changes to the kingdom spread to every town of the realm. Much then that was new was created, and those older traditions of no value were discarded. The future seemed bright for all the folk of Myrror.

With the energy and accomplishment that filled the folk of Myrror, it is little wonder that settlers began taming new lands by Sixthmonth of 1430. The beastkin of Bantanu began settling the great river valley to the southwest, spreading farming, fishing, and mining villages across the region, while the Merchant League, an association of the successful merchants of the Kingdom of Nine Crowns who worked to ensure their representation before the crowns, sponsored the new colony of Crownsail in southern Heimsveldisland. The chief Patrician of the Merchant League, Ragnar Ragnarsson, laid the plans for Crownsail's foundation.

Even as the little villages, homesteads, and trading posts of the newly-settled frontier regions were being founded, they began to enjoy the blessings of the Sagacious Counselor. Though still carving their place out of the frontier, they enjoyed vigor and judgement in their labors, which would surely serve them well.

Over the year, Dagmaer's puppet-spirit and the flying ship that once guarded the Second Tower had charted more of the unexplored portions of Arcanus, scouting out as much of the eastern shores of Fairlands as could be done without risking war, as well as completing charts of the land of the Wind Tribes and scouting a portion of the northern shores of Fairlands, before the flying ship joined its sister at the Fifth Tower. The eastern shores of Fairlands between Hialanth and Newcastle are heavily-forested, and the vaults of a massive mountain range split Newcastle from the lands to its southwest.

The Kingdom of Nine Crowns as of Twelfthmonth 1430

With the surge of prosperity across the whole of the kingdom, the revenues which support the High Queen through her investments and her ownership of the design for the printing-press continue to increase, while a change in the High Queen's focus has provided a greatly improved supply of power for her work. The Royal Army's primary force continues to hold position at the Second Tower, guarding against any raids from the Storm Tribes into the heart of Westerland.

Crownsail is still a small trading village at the mouth of the great Graywater River of southern Heimsveldisland, with outlying fishing, farming, mining, and timbering hamlets and homesteads supplying the produce of the surrounding land. Although about two-thirds of the folk of Crownsail are dwarves, the area is the most racially-mixed in the kingdom. About half of the remaining third are dark elves, with the rest of the population split approximately evenly between dragonkin and goatkin. Although the customs of all these races differ greatly, the folk of Crownsail have been united by a common belief in profit, which overcomes many resentments.

The largest village of the frontier region southwest of Bantanu is Caradas, situated on the Wallflood River and not far from the coast. The land here is friendly, and the beastkin of Caradas and its outlying district have prospered and multiplied, although the region is yet to be fully-tamed.

Horus the Holy has yet held himself aloof from the wars of the Low Men against the Kingdom of Nine Crowns, which has helped to preserve the peace of Myrror. The High Queen has nearly abandoned her efforts to refine her skills in favor of producing greater power to fuel her work, as her continued work has been swiftly depleting her reserves of stored power, even with continued alchemy on a massive scale. She has begun work on the final portions of Hrodvaldur's 'Walking Fortress', hoping to create the most formidable armor ever seen in the history of both worlds.

Despite the war declared against the Kingdom of Nine Crowns, 1430 has enjoyed peace and continued prosperity. One can only hope that when the enemies of the realm muster their forces to assault the Towers, that the Royal Army shall be able to drive them back before war visits the peaceful lands of Myrror.